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John Mayer Appreciation Day 2011!

I’m delighted to say that today, June 27th, is the 2nd annual John Mayer Appreciation Day (JMAD)!

A group of fans, myself included, came up with a special day to celebrate and appreciate our beloved John. It didn’t dawn on us that it could be an annual celebration, yet here we are with our 2nd year!

We have all been influenced by John in some way, whether it be his music, humor, banter and speeches, etc. I myself have been influenced by him, and created this blog, to share and spread our love for John for all his fans.

So, JM fans! Either post on your blog, submit to thankyoujohnmayer’s Tumblr, or submit to this Tumblr (I’m sure other JM blogs wouldn’t mind as well), and share with us your appreciation you have for our John. Tell us how John has impacted your life, when you first started loving him, or how you’ll celebrate JMAD!

How can you celebrate? Listen to John’s music, wear a shirt with John’s name on it, reblog your favorite John Mayer posts…get creative!

Happy JMAD, everyone! Peace, love, and JM! :)

My Quarter-Life Crisis: JM Appreciation Day ~ Monday, 27 June 2011


Last year a few jm.com members (myself included) wanted to do something to show JM how much he means to us… we got together on the boards and brainstormed and came up with a video which was a big success! We didn’t do it for recognition or to score a meet & greet with or John, we just knew he had a rough time last year & wanted to let him know we were still here with him!

That’s how John Mayer Appreciation Day was born!

With the success of the battle studies tour and a new album on the way, this is another chance for us, the fans, to show our appreciation and excitement over what’s to come!

This year we would like to do something just as significant and meaningful! Since JMAD is less than a week away, we want to ask everyone who wants to participate to write a blog about JM, thanking him, or writing about what he or his music has done for/ means to you! You can use the tag JMAD  that way other JM fam can easily find all the blogs!

Also, I know that some JM fam have tumblrs, but do not post alot of JM themed entries (Myself included), that being said, if you want to say something, but don’t want to post to your blog, you can submit a post to my other site www.thankyoujohnmayer.tumblr.com

I will post your submission w/o it actually being on your own tumblr (you can even remain Anon if you wish) and it would be another way to link all the appreciation posts!

We can’t garauntee that JM will see any of them, (We could try to get in touch w/ MM via twitter and let them know about the tag since we know JM loves Thank You’s from fans), but the whole point of JMAD, is to just show him as well as JM fam that we are still here… hanging on to every word!  We’re not asking JM for anything, we just want to say “Thanks for everything” and hope that it will make his day a little brighter!

P.S. Twitter pages can also use the #JMAD hash tag if they wish, we want to give as many JM fam as possible the opportunity to join in!

If you would like to participate, please do so on Monday, June 27, 2011 ~ the 2nd annual JMAD!  When JM fam come together, there is NOTHING we can’t accomplish!